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Traveling Here is Part of The Adventure!

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "How do we get to your lodge?"
Flights from the South Terminal at Vancouver Airport are included in our packages.

Watch this video to give you an idea of what your first day our our tour packages will be like.

Flight Information

All tour packages include flights from Vancouver to Bella Bella on Pacific Coastal Airlines


Pacific Coastal Airline is an independent carrier and not affiliated with Spirit Bear Lodge, therefore we highly recommend you purchase cancellation/trip insurance as we have no control over schedule changes or flight delays.

Flight delays occur frequently due to weather and the nature of flying into remote areas.  We strongly suggest you plan to spend a night in Vancouver before and after your trip to Spirit Bear Lodge.

Any baggage questions or concerns please refer to Pacific Coastal's website

Jayne Browne 'One of the most serene, beautiful friendly places I have visited. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable ensuring everyday is an unforgettable experience. Missing the serenity and wildlife!' Jayne Browne
Linda Reinicke Barnes 'This place is magic. You will be treated like family and will come away with an experience like no other before. Plan to spend several days so you can get plenty of opportunity to see the vast landscapes, the wonderful wildlife and get to meet the local people. Linda Reinicke Barnes