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Good Health & WELL-BEING

Sustainable Development Goal: To ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages.

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"Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. Currently, the world is facing a global health crisis unlike any other — COVID-19 is spreading human suffering, destabilizing the global economy and upending the lives of billions of people around the globe. Before the pandemic, major progress was made in improving the health of millions of people. Significant strides were made in increasing life expectancy and reducing some of the common killers associated with child and maternal mortality.
But more efforts are needed to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent and emerging health issues. By focusing on providing more efficient funding of health systems, improved sanitation and hygiene, and increased access to physicians, significant progress can be made in helping to save the lives of millions.  Health emergencies such as COVID-19 pose a global risk and have shown the critical need for preparedness. The United Nations Development Programme highlighted huge disparities in countries’ abilities to cope with and recover from the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic provides a watershed moment for health emergency preparedness and for investment in critical 21st century public services." - UN Sustainable Development Goals/Health and Well-Being

What the community of Klemtu is doing to support this initiative

The Kitasoo/Xai'xais Community Wellness Program supports much investment into children, youth, families and the community. Working together with the community, elders, knowledge keepers, band administration, resource stewardship, health, education, social development, housing & public works and Kitasoo Band Partners toward wellness in the community by providing and participating in numerous wellness initiatives such as events, workshops, programs, activities, sessions and projects held within the Klemtu and within the traditional territory with the aim toward well-being for all, using as much local resources as possible.


 Food Stability Project

In the spring of 2019, the N-EAT team collaborated with local leadership and community members of the Kitasoo/ Xai’xais First Nation in Klemtu, BC to revitalize their greenhouse that had fallen into disrepair and build a community garden. That summer, community members were harvesting fruits and vegetables from the garden; local school staff, students, and other community members attended workshops delivered by N-EAT’s Master Gardener, building intergenerational enthusiasm as families learned and gardened together; and a Klemtu Garden Coordinator was hired from within the community.
The Garden Coordinator, with the support of local gardeners and volunteers, manages the greenhouse and a portion of the outdoor garden beds that make up the community garden. The other portion of the beds are managed by individual community members and their families. In April, 2020, the Kitasoo Band Office conducted a community survey that provided positive and constructive feedback on the Klemtu Community Garden that led to the planning and implementation of the garden expansion. This will double the number of outdoor community garden beds growing bulk staple crops and increase the length of the growing season with the building of hoop houses over garden beds. Local champions and N-EAT team members are working together to further expand the capacity of the local food system to operate all year.

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